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A free, open source wireless stumbling and security tool for Mac OS X.

Discover WiFi networks around you:
Detect and analyze the surrounding wireless networks, even those that are hidden or closed.

See who’s logged on to your WiFi:
Know who exactly is using your wireless network: clients’ MAC addresses, IP addresses, and signal strength.

Detect WiFi security breaches:
The software helps you identify any possible security breaches of your network and decide what needs improvement.

KisMAC WiFi scanner features:
- Detects and shows hidden / cloaked / closed SSIDs
- Lists users logged on the network (MAC Address, IP address, signal strength)
- Supports mapping and GPS
- Can sketch a map of network coverage
- PCAP import and export
- Supports 802.11b/g frequency
- Different attacks against encrypted networks
- Deauthentication attacks
- The app is considered to be AppleScript-able
- Supports Kismet drone captures