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Extract URLs, paths, secrets, and other interesting bits from JavaScript.

jsluice is a Go package and command-line tool for extracting URLs, paths, secrets, and other interesting data from JavaScript source code.

Rather than using regular expressions alone, jsluice uses go-tree-sitter to look for places that URLs are known to be used, such as being assigned to document.location, passed to, or passed to fetch() etc.

jsluice understands string concatenation, and replaces any expressions it cannot know the value of with EXPR. Although not a foolproof solution, this approach results in a valid URL or path more often than not, and means that it's possible to discover things that aren't easily found using other approaches.

jsluice comes with some built-in URL matchers for common scenarios, but you can add more with the AddURLMatcher function.

As well as URLs, jsluice can extract secrets. As with URL extraction, custom matchers can be supplied to supplement the default matchers.