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Turn single threaded command line applications into a fast, multi-threaded application.

You can pass targets the same as you would when using nmap. This can be done using CIDR notation, dash notation, or a comma-delimited list of targets. A single target list file can also use different notation types per line.

Interlace also makes the use of two additional features for controlling execution flow within a command file: blocker and block:. Blockers prevent execution of commands listed after them, until all commands before them have completed, and blocks can be used to force sequential execution of commands listed within a block, for a target.

These are run on a per-target level. If there are threads available and a blocker is in the way for the current target, Interlace will start commands from the next target within a target list in order to maximise efficiency.
Using these features will allow you to control the execution flow for individual targets more directly in order to prevent commands from running out of order.