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Perform automated network reconnaissance scans to gather network intelligence.

IntelSpy is a multi-threaded network intelligence tool which performs automated network services enumeration. It performs live hosts detection scans, port scans, services enumeration scans, web content scans, brute-forcing, detailed off-line exploits searches and more.

The tool will also launch further enumeration scans for each detected service using a number of different tools.

- Scans multiple targets in the form of IP addresses, IP ranges (CIDR notation) and resolvable hostnames.
- Scans targets concurrently.
- Detects live hosts in an IP range (CIDR) network.
- Customizable port scanning profiles and service enumeration commands.
- Creates a directory structure for results gathering and reporting.
- Logs every command that was executed.
- Generates shell scripts containing commands to be run manually.
- Extracts important information in txt and markdown format for further inspection.
- Stores data to an SQLite database.
- Generates an HTML report.