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Helps to identify IoT related dashboards and scan them for default passwords.

Genzai helps you identify IoT or Internet of Things related dashboards across a single or set of targets provided as an input and furthermore scan them for default password issues and potential vulnerabilities based on paths and versions.

Genzai currently supports fingerprinting over 20 IoT-based dashboards and has the same amount of templates to look for default password issues across them. It currently has a total of 10 vulnerability templates which will increase with coming updates.

With Genzai, you can fingerprint the IoT Product running over a target based on the HTTP response received through it. With a support of 20 templates and counting, Genzai can look for categories such as:
- Wireless Router
- Surveillance Camera
- HMI or Human Machine Interface
- Smart Power Control
- Building Access Control System
- Climate Control
- Industrial Automation
- Home Automation
- Water Treatment System