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An extremely fast and flexible web fuzzer.

Filebuster is a HTTP fuzzer / content discovery script with loads of features and built to be easy to use and fast! It uses one of the fastest HTTP classes in the world (of PERL) - Furl::HTTP. Also the thread modelling is optimized to run as fast as possible.

- Regex patterns on wordlists
- Supports HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS proxy
- Allows for multiple wordlists using wildcards
- Additional file extensions
- Adjustable timeouts and retries
- Adjustable delays / throttling
- Hide results based on HTTP code, length or words in headers or body
- Support for custom cookies
- Support for custom headers
- Supports multiple versions of the TLS protocol
- Automatic TTY detection
- Recursive scans
- Integrated wordlists with custom payloads
- Automatic smart encoding
- Automatic filtering of results