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Combination of evilginx3 and GoPhish.

As a penetration tester or red teamer, you may have heard of evilginx3 as a proxy man-in-the-middle framework capable of bypassing two-factor/multi-factor authentication. This is enticing to us to say the least, but when trying to use it for social engineering engagements, there are some pain points.

1/ Lack of tracking - evilginx3 does not provide unique tracking statistics per victim (e.g. opened email, clicked link, etc.), this is problematic for clients who want/need/pay for these statistics when signing up for a social engineering engagement.

2/ Not a full social engineering toolkit - evilginx3 only provides proxy man-in-the-middle capabilities, it does not provide all of the functionality required for a social engineering campaign via email/SMS. For example, it does not send emails to targets or provide this functionality.

3/ No GUI - do we really need to explain this one further? We all love our GUIs and the visual representation of data for a social engineering campaign is invaluable. Operators can really get a thorough understanding as to the success of their social engineering campaigns by being able to view a visual representation of the data.