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Generates x86, x64, or AMD64+x86 position-independent shellcode that loads .NET Assemblies, PE files.

Donut is a position-independent code that enables in-memory execution of VBScript, JScript, EXE, DLL files and dotNET assemblies. A module created by Donut can either be staged from a HTTP server or embedded directly in the loader itself. The module is optionally encrypted using the Chaskey block cipher and a 128-bit randomly generated key. After the file is loaded and executed in memory, the original reference is erased to deter memory scanners.

The generator and loader support the following features:
- Compression of input files with aPLib and LZNT1, Xpress, Xpress Huffman via RtlCompressBuffer.
- Using entropy for API hashes and generation of strings.
- 128-bit symmetric encryption of files.
- Overwriting native PE headers.
- Storing native PEs in MEM_IMAGE memory.
- Patching Antimalware Scan Interface (AMSI) and Windows Lockdown Policy (WLDP).
- Patching Event Tracing for Windows (ETW).
- Patching command line for EXE files.
- Patching exit-related API to avoid termination of host process.
- Multiple output formats: C, Ruby, Python, PowerShell, Base64, C#, Hexadecimal, and UUID string.