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Domain Analyzer

Domain Analyzer

Analyze the security of any domain by finding all the information possible. Made in python.

Domain analyzer is a security analysis tool that automatically discovers and reports information about a given domain. Its main purpose is to analyze domains in an unattended way. It has many crazy features, such as getting more domains from DNS zones, automatic nmap, webcrawler, and world domination mode. Check the features.

Domain analyzer takes a domain name and finds information about it, such as DNS servers, mail servers, IP addresses, mails on Google, SPF information, etc. After all the information is stored and organized it scans the ports of every IP found using nmap and perform several other security checks. After the ports are found, it uses the tool from @verovaleros, to spider the complete web page of all the web ports found. This tool has the option to download files and find open folders.

Some features are:
- It creates a directory with all the information, including nmap output files.
- It uses colors to remark important information on the console.
- It detects some security problems like host name problems, unusual port numbers and zone transfers.
- It is heavily tested and it is very robust against DNS configuration problems.
- It uses nmap for active host detection, port scanning and version information (including nmap scripts).
- It searches for SPF records information to find new hostnames or IP addresses.
- It searches for reverse DNS names and compare them to the hostname.
- It prints out the country of every IP address.
- It creates a PDF file with results.
- and many more...