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DevSecOps, ASPM, Vulnerability Management.

DefectDojo is a DevSecOps, ASPM (application security posture management), and vulnerability management tool. DefectDojo orchestrates end-to-end security testing, vulnerability tracking, deduplication, remediation, and reporting.
DefectDojo automates away security drudgery. Our data model allows for a high level of flexibility providing continuous feedback and optimization across your entire security program and DevSecOps pipeline.

Connect the Dots:
- 160+ Supported Tools
- Automate security scan aggregation, comparison, and review
- Flexibility to rotate your preferred security tools at a whim

Unify, Distill, & Act:
- Unify & centralize visibility for all security tools
- Distill & deduplicate vulnerabilities to a single actionable report
- Prioritize and manage risk

Unlock DevSecOps Scalability:
- Make security truly scalable
- Empower security teams to focus on strategy, not routines
- Seamless collaboration between development, security, and leadership