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Divide full port scan results and use it for targeted Nmap runs.

DivideAndScan is used to efficiently automate port scanning routine by splitting it into 3 phases:
1/ Discover open ports for a bunch of targets.
2/ Run Nmap individually for each target with version grabbing and NSE actions.
3/ Merge the results into a single Nmap report (different formats available).

For the 1st phase a fast port scanner* is intended to be used, whose output is parsed and stored in a single file database (TinyDB). Next, during the 2nd phase individual Nmap scans are launched for each target with its set of open ports (multiprocessing is supported) according to the database data. Finally, in the 3rd phase separate Nmap outputs are merged into a single report in different formats (XML / HTML / simple text / grepable) with nMap_Merger. The visualization portion is provided by DrawNmap.