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A multitool for tracking and locating nearby devices via their RF activities.

With dBmonster, you are able to scan for nearby WiFi devices and track them through the signal strength (dBm) of their sent packets. Therefore, you can identify the exact location of nearby WiFi devices (use a directional WiFi antenna for the best results) or find out in which direction your (self made) antenna works the best (antenna radiation patterns).
In addition, there are features such as tracking the signal strength of packet types that are often abused in WiFi attacks (ex. Deauthentication Frames) to determine the location of someone attacking your network.
You can also check for devices that are sending Probe Requests for an unusual long time. You will then be notified when dBmonster detects that a stalker’s device is following you.
All in all, it's a multitool for tracking and locating nearby devices via their activities in the radio frequency range.

- Listing WiFi interfaces
- Track & scan on 2.4GHz
- Scanning for STA
- Track & scan on 5GHz
- Track 802.11 frames (ex. deauth. frames)
- Track & scan PCAP files
- Detection of potential stalkers
- Scanning for AP
- MAC Address Information Gathering (OSINT)
- Voice notification when device is found