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The most advance set of Content Security Policy tools.
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Content Security Policy (CSP) is a security feature built into all the major web browsers that helps website owners keep their users safe from attacks such as Cross Site Scripting. Historical it's been difficult to setup and use Content-Security-Policy correctly. But now with Csper it's easier than ever.

Csper makes deploying and monitoring Content Security Policy a breeze. With automated tools and actionable insights, you'll be protecting your users in no time.

Report Grouping:
Similar reports are automatically grouped together — no more sifting through thousands or millions of individual violation reports.

Report Classifier:
The report classifier allows you to filter out the reports that don't matter, such as extensions and bots.

View your reports as they are happening. Sub-second realtime events allow you to act faster.

Get alerted on suspicious violation reports or when there's a spike of reports.

Policy Evaluator:
Get security recommendations and insights on your policies to stay up to date with the latest best practices.

Automatic Policy Generator:
Csper automatically generates secure policies based on previously seen reports.