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Hashcat Web Interface.

This project aims to keep the GUI and Hashcat independent. This allows CrackerJack to be future-proof as it ties to the input/output of Hashcat. Also, if the GUI is not working for whatever reason, hashcat will keep running.

- Minimal dependencies: sqlite3, screen, hashcat.
- Complete hashcat session management.
- Web interface for mask generation (?a?l?u).
- Web Push notifications when a password is cracked.
- Swagger 2.0 API.
- Create wordlists from already cracked passwords and feed back into the cracking session.
- Session history to track which attacks you have already performed.
- Multi-user support (local and/or LDAP).
- Wordlist/Mask/Rule support.
- Multiple theme support (Bootswatch).
- Straight-forward setup.
- Troubleshoot sessions via SSH.