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Custom word list generator redefined, based on the Scrapy framework.

CeWLeR crawls from a specified URL and collects words to create a custom wordlist.

It's a great tool for security testers and bug bounty hunters. The lists can be used for password cracking, subdomain enumeration, directory and file brute forcing, API endpoint discovery, etc. It's good to have an additional target specific wordlist that is different than what everybody else use.

- Generates custom wordlists by scraping words from web sites
- A lot of options:
* Output to screen or file
* Can stay within subdomain, or visit sibling and child subdomains, or visit anything within the same top domain
* Can stay within a certain depth of a website
* Speed can be controlled
* Word length and casing can be configured
* JavaScript and CSS can be included
* Crawled URLs can be output to separate file
* Scraped e-mail addresses can also be output to separate file
- Using the excellent Scrapy framework for scraping and using the beautiful rich library for terminal output