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brute ratel

brute ratel

A customized command and control center for red team and adversary simulation.
#c2c   #dll   #dns   #mitre   #samba   #tcp  

Alongside the default HTTPS connections, Badger's DNS over HTTPS provides usability of newly bought domains without the the need of domain fronting or redirector, all the while providing a backup option to be able to switch to other HTTPS profiles on the fly

- External C2 Channels
The SMB and TCP badger provide functionality to write custom External C2 Channels over legitimate websites such as Slack, Discord, Microsoft Teams and more

- Indirect Syscalls
Badger provides various process injection capabilities and an option to switch between WinAPI to NTAPI to Syscalls on the fly

- Built-in Debugger To Detect EDR Userland Hooks
Badger provides various techniques to hunt EDR userland hooks and DLL, and avoid triggering them using various syscall obfuscation and debugging techniques

- Brute Ratel MITRE graph
Brute Ratel features a seamlessly integrated MITRE graph for all built-in commands providing a user friendly interface for Adversary Simulation activities

- One stop for all your LDAP queries
Ldap Sentinel provides a rich GUI interface to query various ldap queries to the Domain or a Forest. Whether you want to run SPN queries for a specific user or if you want to query large group objects, all can be done effortlessly using prebuilt queries.

- Multiple Command and Control Channels
Badger provides mulitple pivot options such as SMB, TCP, WMI, WinRM and managing remote services over RPC.

- Automate Adversary TTPs
Use existing brute ratel modules or build your own using in-memory execute of C-Sharp, BOFs, Powershell Scripts or Reflective DLLs and automate the execution of the commands using the Click Script feature