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Pinpoint the security issues that actually matter.

BlueHound is an open-source tool that helps blue teams pinpoint the security issues that actually matter. By combining information about user permissions, network access and unpatched vulnerabilities, BlueHound reveals the paths attackers would take if they were inside your network.

BlueHound supports presenting your data as tables, graphs, bar charts, line charts, maps and more. It contains a Cypher editor to directly write the Cypher queries that populate the reports. You can save dashboards to your database, and share them with others.

Main Features:
- Full Automation: the entire cycle of collection, analysis and reporting is basically done with a click of a button.
- Community Driven: BlueHound configuration can be exported and imported by others. Sharing of knowledge, best practices, collection methodologies and more, built-into the tool itself.
- Easy Reporting: creating customized report can be done intuitively, without the need to write any code.
- Easy Customization: any custom collection method can be added into BlueHound. Users can even add their own custom parameters or even custom icons for their graphs.