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A backdoor with a multitude of features.

Typically, backdoor utilities such as NetCat have two main functions: to pipe remote input into cmd or bash and output the response. This is useful, but it is also limited. BetterBackdoor overcomes these limitations by including the ability to inject keystrokes, get screenshots, transfer files, and many other tasks.

BetterBackdoor can create and control a backdoor.

This created backdoor can:
- Open a command prompt shell
- Run PowerShell scripts
- Run DuckyScripts to inject keystrokes
- Exfiltrate files based on extension
- Exfiltrate Microsoft Edge and WiFi passwords
- Send and receive files to and from victim's computer
- Start a KeyLogger
- Get a screenshot of victim's computer
- Get text copied to victim's clipboard
- Get contents from a victim's file (cat)
- Compress a directory to a ZIP file
- Decompress a ZIP file

This backdoor uses a client and server socket connection to communicate. The attacker starts a server, and the victim connects to this server as a client. (Note: if multiple clients attempt to connect, the user is prompted to select which client to connect to) Once a connection is established, commands can be sent to the client in order to control the backdoor.