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Automated Security Testing For REST API's.
#api   #authentication   #csrf   #jwt   #sqli   #xss   #xxe  

REST API penetration testing is complex due to continuous changes in existing APIs and newly added APIs. Astra can be used by security engineers or developers as an integral part of their process, so they can detect and patch vulnerabilities early during development cycle. Astra can automatically detect and test login & logout (Authentication API), so it's easy for anyone to integrate this into CICD pipeline. Astra can take API collection as an input so this can also be used for testing apis in standalone mode.

- SQL injection
- Cross site scripting
- Information Leakage
- Broken Authentication and session management
- CSRF (including Blind CSRF)
- Rate limit
- CORS misconfiguration (including CORS bypass techniques)
- JWT attack
- CRLF detection
- Blind XXE injection
- Server-side Requrest Forgery
- Template Injection