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Powershell tool to automate Active Directory enumeration.

adPEAS is a Powershell tool to automate Active Directory enumeration. In fact, adPEAS is like a wrapper for different other cool projects like:
- PowerView
- PoshADCS
- Bloodhound
- and some own written lines of code

As said, adPEAS is a wrapper for other tools. They are almost all written in pure Powershell but some of them are included as compressed binary blob or C# code.

adPEAS-Light is a version without Bloodhound and it is more likely that it will not blocked by an AV solution.

adPEAS can be run simply by starting the script via invoke-adPEAS if it is started on a domain joined computer. If the system you are running adPEAS from is not domain joined or you want to enumerate another domain, use a certain domain controller to connect to, use different credentials or just to enumerate for credential exposure only, you can do it by using defined parameters.