A vast collection of security tools for bug bounty, pentest and red teaming


Tamper Dev on offsec.tools
Tamper Dev

Allows you to intercept and edit HTTP/HTTPS requests and responses.

Tamper Data on offsec.tools
Tamper Data

View and modify HTTP requests before they are sent.

p0f on offsec.tools

Identify the operating system of a target host simply by examining captured packets.

reGeorg on offsec.tools

Pwn a bastion webserver and create SOCKS proxies through the DMZ.

reDuh on offsec.tools

Create a TCP circuit through validly formed HTTP requests.

weevely3 on offsec.tools

Weaponized web shell.

#exploits   #http   #php   #rce   #shell  

Fiddler Everywhere on offsec.tools
Fiddler Everywhere

Web debugging proxy for MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

Up HTTP Server on offsec.tools
Up HTTP Server

Simple HTTP listener for security testing.

burp-exporter on offsec.tools

Copy a Burp Suite request to a file or the clipboard as multiple programming languages functions.

pivotnacci on offsec.tools

A tool to make socks connections through HTTP agents.

Nozaki on offsec.tools

HTTP fuzzer engine security oriented.

#fuzzing   #http   #yaml  

Yet Another Sniffer on offsec.tools
Yet Another Sniffer

A network analyzer that make easy to extract informations about network traffic.

safecopy on offsec.tools

Burp Extension for copying requests safely.

xxeserv on offsec.tools

A mini webserver with FTP support for XXE payloads.

#ftp   #http   #payloads   #server   #xxe  

See-SURF on offsec.tools

Detect Vulnerable SSRF parameters.

Turbo Intruder on offsec.tools
Turbo Intruder

Burp Suite extension for sending large numbers of HTTP requests and analyzing the results.

headi on offsec.tools

Customisable and automated HTTP header injection.