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Weekly newsletter n°22

A vast collection of security tools for bug bounty, pentest and red teaming is a vast listing of security tools designed to help pentesters and bug hunters in their daily task. The list is organized by tags and provide a quick search engine. The list is feeded by the author and the community. Anyone can add a tool and be listed as a contributor, feel free to check the GitHub repository.

Hi guys,

New entries are slowing down for a few weeks as I am currently traveling around the west coast of the US. I'm planning to be Vegas for the DefCon (if I can find a way a get a ticket there), feel free to ping if you're around and want to meet :)

Happy hacking !
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Tools featured this week

LDAP Password Hunter
Password Hunter in active directory.
Enumerate usernames across many websites.
Shell script to check for simple privilege escalation vectors on Unix systems.
Your OSINT Graphical Analyzer.
Powerful and interactive packet manipulation program and library.
Rip web accessible version control systems: svn, git...
No-nonsense tool that takes credentials and a list of hosts and crawls through those shares.
Graphql introspection query analyzer.
Manual search tool to find bugs like a grep unix command.

Tools added last week

A cli utility to find domain's known URLs from curated passive online sources.

Cake Fuzzer
Cutting-edge project designed to automate the continuous discovery of vulnerabilities in webapps.

DeHashed provides free deep-web scans and protection against credential leaks.

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